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Antivirus Software
Students are encourage to purchase their own antivirus software.
We do not have a preference, but encourage you to have an updated antivirus software.
If you have purchased an antivirus software that is not being supported by Clean Access,
please email us the software name and version.

1. Microsoft Security Essential (32-bit)

2. Microsoft Security Essential (64-bit)

3. Avast antivirus (free edition)

3. AVG (free edition

4. For other antivirus software, click here.

Spyware Software

Windows Defender software

Spybot spyware software

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software

Antivirus Scan

ANTIVIRUS SCAN using Trend Micro.

ANTIVIRUS SCAN using McAfee Free Scan.

For more information on computer and network security, visit Network Security Services.

If you need assistance with Clean Access contact the TNS Help Desk at 771-3935 ext 228.

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