Department of Rehabilitation and Disability Studies

Southern University and A&M College

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1. Disparities in Vocational Rehabilitation Services and
  Outcomes for African American Clients with
  Traumatic Brain Injury

2. Coordination of Postsecondary Transition Services
  for Students with Disabilities
3. A Systems Approach to Placement A Culturally
  Sensitive Model for People with Disabilities

4. Disparities in Vocational Rehabilitation Services and
  Outcomes for African American Clients with
  Traumatic Briain Injury

5. Vocational Rehabilitation Services Needs of
  Female Ex-Inmates with Mental Illness: The
  Perspective of a Southern State

6. Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Employment
  Outcomes for People with Disabilities: A United
States Study

7. Independent Living Services Need and Satisfaction in
  Saipan and American Samoa: A Consumer

8. Rehabilitation Counselor's Knowledge and Attitudes
  Towards Consumers with HIV/AIDs

9. Disparities in Vocational Rehabilitation Services and
  Outcomes for Hispanic Clients with Traumatic Brain
  Injury: Do They Exist?

10. Structural Equation Modeling in Rehabilitation
  Counseling Research

11. Legislative Aspects of Rehabilitation
12. Participation of Ethnically Diverse Personnel in State-
  Federal Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies

13. Psychosocial Adjustment to Disability: A Multi-Ethnic

14. The Effects of Gender, Race, Disability Type, Work
  Disincentives, and Service Patterns on
  Employment Outcomes of Vocational  Rehabilitation Consumers

15. Eligibility Rates of Traditional Underserved
  Individuals with Disabilities Revisited: A Data
  Mining Approach

16. A Systems Approach to Placement: A Holistic

17. The Effects of Consumer Characteristics and
  Service Patterns on Vocational Rehabilitation
  Employment Outcomes

18. Effects of Counselor Race on Racial Stereotypes of
  Rehabilitation Counseling Clients

19. Pattern of Rehabilitation Services to Consumers of
  Diverse Ethnicity: One State's Five-Year Perspective

20. Disability-Related Services: Needs and Satisfaction
  of Postsecondary Students

21. Implementation of Rehabilitation Counselor
  Training Programs at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

22. Role of Independent Living in Rehabilitation

23. The Relationship of Multidimensional Health Locus
  of Control and Attitude Toward HIV/AIDS: College Students' Perspective

24. The Conduct of Socially Valid Investigation by
  Culturally Diverse researchers: A Delphi Study

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