Department of Rehabilitation and Disability Studies

Southern University and A&M College

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To provide outreach, capacity building, technical assistance, grant writing focusing on RSA and NIDRR discretionary programs, and training on project management to minority entities to promote their participation in the state-federal rehabilitation system.



1. Provide outreach and capacity building to minority entities and
  Indian tribes to promote their participation in vocational
2. Provide  a  series of training  and  technical assistance activities
  to minority entities that are first-time recipients of RSA-NIDRR
  grants (e.g., grant  writing workshops that focus on RSA and
  NIDRR discretionary grant programs, the peer review process,
  selection criteria, training on disability legislation, and technical
3. Incorporate a culturally  sensitive  participatory-action
  evaluation  model  based  upon specific performance and
  outcome measures.
4. Establish a national online clearinghouse of information on
  rehabilitation capacity building for traditionally
  underrepresented populations.

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