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The Minority-Disability (MIND) Alliance in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is composed of Hunter College, City University of New York and Southern University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The MIND Alliance brings together expertise, experience, and considerable institutional, programmatic, and personnel resources of two minority institutions of higher education to provide best practice educational and career development services to students with disabilities from racial and ethnic minority backgrounds. The aim is to:

  1. Enhance their chance for success in STEM education and careers, and

  2. Develop and validate innovative ways to effectively identify students with science interests for the purpose of developing abilities and supporting them in their STEM educational and career pursuits. Educational support and career development services provided through this project will have significant direct educational and career impact on and benefits for students with disabilities from racial and ethnic minority backgrounds in New York, New Jersey, and Louisiana.


(1) Summer Institute Programs
(2) Tutoring, Mentoring, and Role Modeling
(3) Career Assessment and Planning
(4) Job Readiness Training
(5) Career Day
(6) School Counselor and Teacher Workshops
(7) Research Opportunities and Internship Programs
(8) Field Trips
(9) Student Scholarships

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Discover the Careers that Match your Interests and Abilities

  MIND Fall-Spring Enrichment Institute in STEM for undergraduate Students
Deadline August 25, 2011
Stipend of $300


Application Form

  MIND HS Computer literacy Training:
Deadline August 16, 2011
Stipend of $100


  MIND GRE Training Part I:
Deadline September 24, 2011
Blanks Hall Rooms 240 A+B

  MIND Field trip to TIRR and NASA Houston
Deadline October 5, 2011

Tuesday-Saturday, October 20-22, 2011


  MIND GRE Training Part II
Deadline October 29, 2011
Saturday, November 12, 2011