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B.S. Rehabilitation Services
The Undergraduate Program in Rehabilitation Services has received a long-term training grant from the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) to offer specialized courses in Independent Living, Supported Employment, and Assistive Technology.
office: 230 Blanks Hall
phone: 225-771-2390

M.S. Rehabilitation Counseling

The Graduate Program in Rehabilitation Counseling has received three long-term training grants from the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) to offer specialized curricula in Rehabilitation Counseling (RC), Assistive Technology (AT), Rehabilitation of Ethnic Minorities (REM), and Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment (VEWA). Thirty scholarships are awarded to qualified students towards tuition, books, and monthly stipend. Also, graduate assistantships are available through the Graduate School.

For AT grant
please contact: Dr. Frank Puckett
office: 248 Blanks Hall
phone: 225-771-0046

For REM grant
please contact: Dr. Alo Dutta
office: 233 Blanks Hall
phone: 225-771-2335

For VEWA grant and CSPD grant
please contact: Dr. Madan Kundu
office: 229 Blanks Hall
phone: 225-771-2325

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