1.                  Click on “ Login to Student  Services “

2.                  Enter the following:

(1)               Student ID (Social Security Number)

(2)               PIN*   

NOTE: You will be required to enter PIN a second time for verification.

3.                  Student Menu will appear

4.                  Click on “Registration & Schedule”

5.                  Select term

6.                  Registration Menu will be displayed

Take action in the order indicated

A. Click on Registration Status(Will indicate your registration eligible)

B. Click on Course Sections(Will provide course offerings and call #)

C. Click on Drop and Add classes
(You will enter call # for courses you have selected for registration.
Drop action can also be taken on this screen.)

D. Click on Detailed Schedule(Will provide your schedule)

7.                  Turn off browser to ensure the security of your PIN.

* If you have not changed your pin number use birthdate (Ex. 021470)

Note:       If the system times out before you complete the process, login again.