The Southern University/Louisiana State University/Southeastem Louisiana University and Baton Rouge Community College Cross-Registration program enables full time students, at each institution to take courses at other institutions without additional fees as an extension of its program offerings. Free bus transportation to and from Louisiana State University will he provided during the Spring and Fall semesters. Students must obtain the appropriate bus stickers during registration. Part-time students participating in the program only pay fees for the number of hours 'in which they are registered.

Students may take two courses per semester or summer session under the cross-registration program. Deans of the Colleges may grant exceptions for students enrolled in Cooperative Degree Programs between SU/LSU/SLU/BRCC for a maximum of six hours. Students with extenuating circumstances will require special permission from their College Dean and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Violations of this policy will result in posting a maximum of six to eight semester hours credit toward degrees in that semester or summer session.

The Registrar's Office will submit the cross-enrollment forms to LSU/SLU/BRCC for the of courses. The Registrar's Office will officially notify students of their confirmations for enrollment through the cross-registration program with LSU/SLU/BRCC 0 later than the first day of class.

If courses are not available as requested, students must report to the Registrar's Office to officially withdraw from the classes. Southern University students can make schedule adjustments for LSU/SLU/BRCC courses through Southern University's Add/Drop

Procedures. The Registrar's Office will notify LSU/SLU/BRCC of the drops.

Graduating seniors are encouraged not to cross-register at LSU/SLU/BRCC during the semester of their anticipated graduation. Cross-registered students must complete the course of study according to LSU/SLU/BRCC schedules. Students are responsible for providing grades from LSU/SLU/BRCC at the time of graduation check-out in order to participate in commencement at Southern University.

For further information contact the Registrar's Office, Southern University, Baton Rouge, IA 70813, or call 771-5050.

The students that are cross-registered in courses at Southeastern Louisiana University (SLU) are required to pay book and lab fees at that University (SLU). Proof of payment must be presented to the Registrar's Office at Southern University.