Dr. C. Norman StAmant, Jr.,
Vice Chancellor for
Enrollment Management

The Division of Enrollment Management is responsible for the planning, development and administration of programs and activities designed to provide the highest standards of excellence in recruitment, enrollment and retention of students. The Division plans, directs and participates in an array of activities for the purpose of actively identifying, counseling, recruiting, and enrolling qualified students; and offering services that promote and enhance student retention and academic success. Enrollment Management is comprised of the Office of Recruitment and Admissions, Office of Financial Aid, Office of the Registrar, and the University College. The various units collaborate with other components of the University to create a student-centered, service-based, consumer-friendly enrollment and retention process.

The Division of Enrollment Management is divided into two units - Enrollment Support Services and Academic Support Services. The enrollment services unit establishes, directs and oversees all recruitment and enrollment activities, financial aid policies and procedures, student registration, and maintenance of students’ academic records. The components comprising this unit are the Offices of Recruitment, Admissions, Registrar and Student Financial Aid. The academic service unit, University College, is responsible for the planning, coordinating and supervising of academic and related experiences for first-time freshmen and transfer students and is designed to increase retention and promote academic success while students complete requirements to transfer to the senior college or school within the University. The components comprising this unit are Counseling and Advisement, Freshman Reading, Developmental Education, Records and Transfer Center, Career Planning and Resource Center, Center for Student Success (Retention), Student Support Services, Early Registration for Incoming Freshmen (ERIF), Pre–College Academic Enhancement Programs, Summer Enrichment, Upward Bound and Educational Talent Search. In addition to the services provided, Enrollment Management brings faculty, staff and students together for the attainment of students’ educational goals through the creation of a user-friendly enrollment procedure and promotion of enrichment activities to ensure academic success. The units under Enrollment Management provide a wide range of services and activities designed to:

  • Ensure a more seamless transfer from high school to college;
  • Promote an understanding of the personal and financial value of a college education;
  • Increase awareness about the educational opportunities available to students;
  • Provide a variety of services to promote and insure academic success;
  • Create opportunities for academic collaboration between the faculty and
    prospective students;
  • Encourage currently enrolled students to complete their baccalaureate degree and;
  • Promote the pursuit of post secondary education and training for high school students through pre-college academic enhancement programs.

The Division of Enrollment Management provides a comprehensive enrollment process to Southern University and promotes easy access through well-coordinated services. Emphasis is placed on integrating all services and components of the enrollment process with special efforts toward retention initiatives. The core programs are benchmark keys to the innovative comprehensive enrollment management philosophy of the University.


Office of Recruitment and Admissions
Suite 1080, Harris Hall, (225) 771-2430

A new undergraduate student’s first official contact with the University is often through the Office of Recruitment and Admissions. This unit is responsible for recruiting and admitting undergraduate students to the University. Responsibilities include the development of effective school relations programs with high schools and community colleges, recruitment of prospective freshmen and undergraduate transfer students, evaluation of academic credit being transferred to the University, the admission of resident and nonresident students to the University, and providing orientation information about the University’s important scheduled events. A detailed description of recruitment and admission to the University and procedures can be found in the Admission Policies section of this publication.

Office of the Registrar
1ST Floor, T.H. Harris Hall (225) 771-5050

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for registering students into classes and for maintaining student’s academic records. This involves all forms of registration including pre-registration, early registration for incoming freshman students, Jag Call (telephone registration) and Jag Net (on-line registration), as well as preparation and publication of the fall, spring, maymester and summer class schedules. The office is also responsible for the inventory of courses and for determining whether students have successfully met all degree requirements for graduation. Additionally, this office verifies the transferability of credits for students as well as determining all equivalents. A detailed description of the registration policies and procedures can be found in the Enrollment Privileges and Responsibilities section of this publication.

Office of Student Financial Aid
T. H. Harris Annex (225) 771-2790

The Office of Student Financial Aid assists students in obtaining funds to attend Southern University by coordinating and administering all forms of financial assistance to students. Students may receive aid through the following available categories for assistance: scholarships, grants, loans and college work-study employment. Scholarships are provided for academic, athletics or special talents students through the coordination of the office. Financial services also are coordinated for students who meet the guidelines to receive funds through federal, state, institutional and private sources. Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Federal Stafford and Federal Plus Loans are available to qualified students through this office. The Office of Student Financial Aid also coordinates federal work-study employment for students with qualifying levels of financial needs. For additional information, refer to the Student Financial Aid Section of this publication.


The University College
Room 121, W. W. Stewart Hall (225) 771-2394

The University College is the initial point of contact for entering freshmen and transfer students to the University’s academic unit before transferring to a senior college or school within the University. Both first-time freshmen and transfer students’ academic programs and class schedules are coordinated in the University College. The goal of the Unit is to assure that students complete the requirements to transfer to their senior college or school, and acquire knowledge and skills that will enable them to be successful in their academic pursuit and meet the challenges of a Global Community. Upon enrollment in the Unit, students immediately begin to take those courses that comprise the general education core courses and initial required courses for admittance to the degree program of their choice. These courses are often taken simultaneously. A comprehensive program is coordinated through an array of academic offering and services, i.e., Counseling and Advisement, Freshman Reading, Developmental Education, Center for Student Success (Retention Program), Student Support Services, University Academy, Career Planning and Resource Center, Records and Transfer Center and Early Registration for Incoming Freshmen Program (ERIF). Additionally, this unit has the responsibility of administering several pre-college academic enhancement programs: Educational Talent Search, Upward Bound and Summer Enrichment. A detailed description of each program of the University College can be found in the Academic Affairs section of this publication.

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